What did you do in the military?
I served as an Airborne Infantryman in Scout and Reconnaissance units for over 25 years. Four years with the 82nd Airborne Division and over twenty years with National Guard units.

After four years, I decided to exit military service and get a degree so I could pursue a career as an officer in the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division or as an FBI agent. It turns out that I had both the aptitude and desire to go into engineering, though.

I never lost my love for the service so I continued to serve in the National Guard. I’ve had the privilege to work with and train hundreds of soldiers, developing and leading them on multiple deployments, including Iraq and Afghanistan. I would not trade the experience for money or position of any kind.

Why Shaw?
I was a co-op student with Shaw and loved manufacturing. I tried other companies and engineering fields, but was really happy when I got the chance to return to Shaw. The emergence and emphasis on ShawVet has only solidified my opinion regarding Shaw being a great place to work.

What do you like best about your job?
Plant Engineers have a wide job description. I build and develop a team that is involved in nearly everything that goes on under