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About ShawVET

Veterans make our country, our community and our workplace better places. ShawVET offers a platform for all Shaw associates (Vets and non-Vets) to engage, connect and grow – helping create a better future in the process.



ShawVET supports and recognizes current associates who are veterans and attract and recruit qualified veterans to join Shaw.



ShawVET looks to increase awareness of veterans’ leadership and technical skills translated that align to business objectives.



ShawVET works to support veterans causes both in our communities and our workplace by providing an environment to engage, connect, and grow.

Mike Beahm: Remembering a Hero He Never Knew

—Treat’s for Troops—

Submit the name of a deployed associate or family member so they may receive “Treats for Troops” care packages.

A Closer Look At ShawVET

Veterans bring tremendous value in technical expertise and leadership to Shaw. The armed forces teach teamwork, efficiency under pressure and the persistence needed to overcome obstacles.

ShawVET is building a community that recognizes these qualities lead to important contributions by veterans in our company and in our community.

As a result of the leadership and technical skills developed through military service, veterans hold many key roles at Shaw. From sales managers and engineers to senior executives, veterans continue to contribute to our company and our community long after their military service has been completed.

ShawVET recognizes the importance and value of military service. Our focus is on supporting those who have served in the military by being advocates for service members, veterans and their families. ShawVET focuses on career development for veterans, raising awareness of veterans’ skills and contributions within Shaw as well as connecting to veterans in our community